Our Welsh Ponies Available facebook page is kept up to date with ponies looking for their forever home, so please click the link and have a look, you may see more than is on the website  - please click here and check out the albums.  Please fill out the rehoming form if interested in any of the ponies. 


Coloured mare, likely in foal, unsure of age.  Rescued from Cefn Golau Winter 2017.

Pixie is a lovely little mare she approx 11.2hh unsure of age but likely to be young cost to rehomer is a donation to the charity








Bay filly, approximately 13hh & 3yo.  Came in from Cefn Golau Common during winter 2017.

Jimmy is looking for a human to call his own! Jimmy the Shetland came to the Welsh Pony Rescue and Rehoming Charitable Trust when his elderly owner could no longer care for him, he's approximately 10 years old 11.2hh and an absolute sweetie, he has been on foster for several months and can honestly say he hasn't put a hoof wrong, unfortunately we don't know if he's been ridden before but given his kind temperament I'm sure he could be backed easily. He arrived at the charity having had laminitis, since being put on a low sugar diet with a good quality balancer and restricted grazing he has been fine. Rehoming fee is £200 to cover, passport, vaccinations and dentist visit paid by foster carer, plus a donation to the charity (can be feed, tack, cash etc)



Here are some of the girls for rehoming, please contact us with a rehoming form if you're interested in any.



Age: approx 7/8 year old          Type: Cob Type


Height: 14.2 hh


Gender: Gelding


History:  Dumped on the commons of Gelligaer as a 2 year old.  Elvis is unhandled.


Temperament:  Nervous, will need time, patience and understanding.





Approx 4 year old            


Height : 13hh


Gender: Gelding


History : Rescued from a life on the Commons where there was little or no grazing or shelter and much fighting amongst stallions for the mares.


Temperament:  Unhanhandled, but friendly.





Standing at 11.2 hh and age approx 4, he is a grey gelding, quiet enough will require handling, he has the makings of a showing pony.


Smokey has a chip and passport and is ready to move on to his new home.




Barney is one of our older geldings aged around 9 - he is nervous and will need that little bit of extra time and patience to become handled. 


I am sure you will agree, he is handsome.


He is approx 13 hh, he has a chip and a passport, how can you resist him?



Mother to Truffles, Katie is a 4 year old mare 11 hh who is now looking for her long term home.


She is sweet and kind natured, although she remains unhandled.


Please message if you are interested in Katie.




A handsome coloured cob age 4 years.  He is entire, but will be castrated before leaving for his new home.


This handsome chap is unhandled and will need an experienced owner, who has the time and patience to bring him on.  


He will make someone a wonderful pony.



A handsome dark bay gelding. Age around 4.


Storm is ready to move on to his new home.  He is around 13hh and is unhandled.


Storm has a chip and passpsort.  Can you offer him an a home.  He will require an experienced owner.





Approx 13 hh &  4yrs


Type: Welsh Pony x           Sex: Gelding


Brandy is unhandled and will need an experienced home.






A Shetland Pony looking for his forever home, currently entire but will be castrated before leaving for his new home,


Stumpy stands around 9.2hh and is 4 years old.  He is unhandled.



Another Shetland Pony looking for his forever home and is currently entire, but will be castrated before leaving for his new home.


Dumpy stands at 9.2 hh and is 4 years old. Dumpy is unhandlanded.




A dark bay Stallion to be gelded before he is rehomed - Please ask for further details if interested.




Cefn is approximately 10/11HH is around 3 years old.  He will be castrated before being rehomed. 

Please ask for further details if interested.



Name: Napoleon


Age: 4 approximately            Type Welsh Pony Cross



Height: 13 hh                         Gender:  Gelding


History:  Rescued from the commons.


Temperament :  Unhandled, so nervous but will come along with time and patience.

Kenny  aka Daffy


Approx 12hh & 5yrs, castrated, chipped & passported.  Rehoming fee £160 + small donation.



AGE: 3-4                        TYPE : Welsh Pony x


Height : 11hh                  GENDER: Mare


History:   Rescued from the commons.


Temperament:  Extremely nervous.  Will need an experienced home